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Important Back To School Information: Know Your Rights

Vaccine Exemptions Are YOUR RIGHTS The following recommendations are not intended as legal advice. Colorado Vaccine Exemption Law is straight forward:No forms of any kind are required.You may submit your own statement of vaccine exemption.Submit your own Statement of Vaccine Exemption for your child with the following content: Name of child, child’s age (NOT BIRTHDAY), name of school, what vaccines your child has been given or not given, that your child’s information is not to be sent to any other State agency per your FERPA rights, your signature and date.Provide a copy of the April 12, 2017 Drs. Wolk...

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An Open Letter To All Us Lawmakers Regarding The Us Vaccine Program

Published in: Age of Autism visitors can read an Op Ed submission that the NYT would not publish.  Mind you, the NYT already knows most of this information, as they published the AP investigation into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and titled it, “Court Heaps Grief on Vaccine Victims, Makes Them Wait Years.“ From: Pam LongDate: Sunday, June 30, 2019 at 5:48 PMTo: <>Subject: Op Ed submission from CPT Pam Long, US Army New York Times editor,I respectfully ask you to consider publishing this Op-Ed.You can let freedom of speech ring this Fourth of July.Thank you, Pam Long The...

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Watch as Hillary Simpson, a mother of a vaccine-injured child skillfully and emotionally articulates what many of you might be feeling.

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Buyer Beware: Have you been C.A.S.E.’d by your Pediatrician?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has spent a great deal of time and money on how to counter the biggest threat to herd mentality: “vaccine hesitation”. They have dedicated numerous surveys, papers, and training videos on how to teach doctors to override parents’ concerns about vaccine risks and to “persuade rather than inform”. To be clear, as indicated by the 79 references summarized by the AAP newsletter Pediatrics, September 2016, “Countering Vaccine Hesitation”, the AAP’s main effort is to persuade parents into “vaccine acceptance” rather than inform parents about the safety testing, efficacy rates, and risks of vaccines. The AAP has promoted the C.AS.E. model created by Alison Singer and developed by Pfizar, Novartis, and Merck, to provide sales scripts for pediatricians to sell vaccines to parents.

Before we discuss CASE tactics, you should know that doctors have utilized valuable continuing education time to learn sales tactics. They learn how to preemptively counter vaccine hesitation by using a presumptive sales tactic rather than a participatory sales tactic. It is very subtle, and yet effective with 75% of people.

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Personality Profiles: What Type of Vaccine Consumer Are You?

The parental decision to vaccinate is more complicated than merely two options of being pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. There are five types of consumers in any purchasing decision: Loyal, Impulsive, Incented, Need Based, and Informed. See which of these fits your vaccine consumption style. Read the profile for each consumer type, and match yourself to the description that is the best fit.

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