Results from the Vaccine Exemption Survey was shared with the Colorado Board of Education.

Dear CHCA Supporter,
As President of CHCA I testified May 10 at the Board Of Education on their “Campaign of Chaos” with the CDPHE regarding their needless requirement for you to use the new, offensive and misleading Exemption Form. Thanks to many of you who have participated, I used this month’s CHCA Exemption Survey responses to support our issues with their overreach and fumbling administration. The entire 3 min. statement and partial survey response is attached for your review.

In part I testified:
“I am providing a copy of CHCA’s Exemption Survey results which reflect only a sample of comments from 169 frustrated and harassed school parents who would otherwise be here today to testify.

“These comments reflect confusion, outrage and objection to the form itself, the heavy handed way it has been required by schools along with potential FERPA and CO Student Data Privacy Act abuses.

“This Campaign of Chaos continues today in that we now see that the Department of Education still requires the use of this form on its instruction to school nurses on the CDE website in spite of a joint letter which was issued April 12 by Dr. Katy Anthes and Dr. Larry Wolk allowing parents to use their own statements of exemption instead of the new exemption form.

“Thank you again for listening and I urge you to look into this matter and have it corrected.”

Thank you for your continued support of CHCA!
Best regards,
Fran Sincere,
President, Colorado Health Choice Alliance (Formerly Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice)